A primal cavewoman energy. The Spring Summer 2024 collection examines the tension between fragility and strength, modernity and primitive instinct. A connection to nature, and the pull of the natural environment and earth.

Instinctual encounters with materials and their interactions with the body reflect in naturalist, weathered textiles and textured tactility in the form of tassels, fringe and drape. Fluid silhouettes are dissected and reconstructed as materials come together in unconventional ways.
The palette conjures time weathered notes of stone and sand, while butter yellow and pistachio appear as light reliefs and luscious watermelon red runs throughout.

Christopher Esber Spring Summer 2024 debuted on-schedule at Paris Fashion Week and is now available.

Slimline silhouettes pair with oversize proportions in an exploration of structure and drape. Organza floats as a sheer aura over deconstructed trouser silhouettes. Crumpled jelly-like organza is edged with hand-shredded cashmere trim, mimicking a textured fringe. Signature hardware evolves into new metallic structures that support draping and construction, while classic silhouettes evolve as they dissect and reconstruct.

Biomaterial Alocacia leaves from tropical riverbanks are patchworked, coated and naturally tanned to form tailored shapes and accent accessories and separates. Movement is accentuated by Schaeffer diamond lace sequins that naturally refract the light. Inbuilt boning creates a duality between the hyper feminine silhouette and structured rigidity shaping a pointed bust.


Photographer - Jess Ruby James
Stylist - Ilona Hamer
Beauty Director - Filomena Natoli
Hair Director - Scott Sloane